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    The wire wheels comeback

    eww spinners! just nooooo :)
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    This is what im thinking, Style Terms

    nothing wrong with pink! haha i was using it as an example :P but you get my drift, with regards to the wheels anthracite with orange would look nice.
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    The wire wheels comeback

    wire wheels bah! all about the w-race slot mags! There back! sweet looking wheels, the wire wheels personally looks good on a 300c, old school like c180's and strangly good on mini's
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    This is what im thinking, Style Terms

    Orange has been done over and over! Try a new colour? Something a bit out there like I dunno, bright pink/carbon?
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    Any spoiler fans?

    Not a fan of spoilers never have never will tbh
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    Stretched tyres

    Not a fan of the tyres, I think if you stretch too far it becomes illegal
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    Advice on completely upgrading interior?

    All you need is an ignition button, best thing ive ever done!
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    favourite color for cars

    Yellow! My guilty pleasure on the right car yellow makes it look something else. Also a biggggggg fan of light blue's
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    The Mods You Hate, But Secretly Want

    for me, its lowering, i just dont like the really low low vehicles, but id love to drop mine 60mm :P
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    For show use only

    damnn, ive never seen those before anyone got few more? Seems interesting all new to me and i sell wheels lol
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    For show use only

    ive nver seen an alloy marked as show use, anyone got links?
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    Bucket Seats And 3dr Cars

    corbeau bucket seats are the ones i have top quality and it can be custom!
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    Sunny day, just right for cleaning

    washing up liquid on the rims sorts it out! i do that too mine keeps em looking brand new, with regards to the car, i get it done by a car wash haha
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    How loud do you play your Music?

    Keep it moderate on normal roads but when its just you or late at night LOUD orrr if its a tune you like lol
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    Bigger rear wheels

    question why does not putting a larger size put more rubber on the road? Surly if your on a 205 a 225 has more rubbber?