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    How to upgrade lights Clio Mk2

    Thanks MC crash for sharing the details.I have been looking for this,glad that i found this thread.Will now try it out in my car.
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    The BlkSilverRedXD project - 2003 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0L DOHC A/T

    Well done BlkSilverRedXD,nice to see you doing something different and i wish you all the best and do keep us updated with all your projects so that we can also learn something.
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    'racing' away at the lights.

    I never break the law.Couple of minute in red light wont make any difference so better to follow the rules and be law obidient.
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    just bought mitsy colt cj

    Dying to see the picture as well.Have heard a lot for positive reviews about it and very eager to see the pics.PLease do share your reviews as well.
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    I just must get a set of these tyre valve covers

    Looks good mate but as mentioned by the admin you need to take care of it to make its life a bit longer.All the best.
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    t19 turbo

    Welcome to the forum Ploddy, Yes you can swap t16 and replace it directly with t19.But as mentioned by the clay you need to get it mapped properly to make the full utilization of it.
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    How to make your own diesel bio fuel

    I have seen something in the newspaper of making the fuel of the garbage or something like that.I guess its still in trial period but will be a very interesting research.
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    Fuels of the future.

    There has been a lot of research going on this field.Have been reading lots of news on the web like water to run the car etc etc. but so far none have come up with a solid idea.Lets see what happens in the next 5 years.
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    Need help

    Hi people, I currently own a BMW 5 Series 2.8i it currently has four fuzion tyres and there rubbish they just don't create enough friction when braking but not excessive breaking you know what I mean they just don't grip to the floor I'd like four new tyres before my next MOT in may. So I'm...
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    new guy

    Hi people just the new guy here just thought id say hi to everyone and could use some help