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    Post Your Favorite Pic Of Your Car

    It has! I'll try and pop over soon and check it out :) Hope the family are all well!
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    Hi Adam, Good to have you! Feel free to navigate the forum and participate in a few threads, please pop up a Project Thread on your Octavia! I've never really seen many of 4x4 Octavias - So would love to see your progress. Cheers
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    Help with Coilovers!

    Hey guys Been a while and hope all the usual members are okay? I've been absent from the forum, I think now; for over a year! I do apologise! Been busy. Anyway, I bought another R56 after my last relationship ended (Was 2 months away from Marriage!! - Phewww lol) Had it now for nearly 8 months...
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    Post Your Favorite Pic Of Your Car

    Holy hell, this has come along massively since I last saw it in person!! Garage looks awesome too :)
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    Ford Fiesta ST 150

    Hi all Here are some pics of my new ST150! Epic little car, I love it. Handles beautifully and goes very well for a 2.0l NA I'll update as and when something new happens! Cheers
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    Daves Cooper S

    No more updates with this my man, feel free to close, but keep pinned? Some good info in here incase any one else wants advice on Mini tuning.
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    new daily driver Fiesta ST 180

    Alright mate? Not been on for a long time! Just so busy all the time lately. I thought I recoqnised your username on FiestaSTOC lol Blunty83? I picked up an ST150 for the other half a few weeks ago! LOVE IT. One of the best cars I've driven. ST180 looks spanking, what BHP do these CP2 maps...
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    Daves Cooper S

    Cost too much to run (Didn't use it that often) and put my back out getting a child's seat in and out every now and then!
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    Daves Cooper S

    Mini has now been sold! I no longer own her and miss it very much :(
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    GAP Insurance

    Just sound like a big con. Nope, all her finance info is in a folder and no sighting of a GAP Insurance policy!
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    GAP Insurance

    Hey all! Apologies for not being on much, been mega busy lately. So I need to ask for some advice on behalf of my other half about GAP insurance policies. So, before I met her she took out a small finance deal on a little Fiesta for like £100 a month or something close around 2 years ago...
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    2015 GTR

    Welcome! Once you hit 10 posts, I'm sure we'd all love to see this monster!
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    Daves Cooper S

    Yes and no. Discs are superb but the green stuff pads are a let down after a while! Need new ones. Clutch is awesome, went to Leeds the other week and bedded it in and the bite is amazing. So... Alot has happened as most of you know and I am getting fed up of having to scramble in and out of...
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    Daves Cooper S

    Thermostat fitted, bled and running great. No pictures as it was a ball ache of a job but car is going in for the new clutch tonight! Cannot wait!
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    Daves Cooper S

    Indeed, the Pug RCZ-R Turbo is over 5mm bigger!

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