Country Bumpkin

Current Cars Mods.
Fitted with a Mk4 '99 spec full Mitsubishi bodykit. I have recently rebuilt the engine and replaced a couple of bits in the gearbox.

A new oil cooler, F.M.I.C. slimline fans and new turbo's are already on the car.
The exhaust is one pipe from each turbo leading to twin outlets on each side at the rear, this coupled with a separate air filter for each tub makes for a gorgeous sound.
The management is controlled by a KMS standalone unit.
The front brakes are six pot Rotora with 355mm discs. Tein coilover suspension is fitted all round.
She sits on 19" chrome rims shod with Goodyear Eagle F1's.
There are plenty of chromed bits that have been added since the engine bay phots were taken. I'll upload more phots when i have some at hand.
Much more to do when time permits.


It just doesn't matter anymore.


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