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    Granada parts wanted

    Thx Turbonutter69 will check that out ;)
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    Granada parts wanted

    Thx for replies, but the cars you are mentioning are sadly mk3's & totally different shape! Thx again! Chris...
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    Granada parts wanted

    Hi all, due to some little %$*)(s breaking in to my garage & damaging my car I am now on the search for Windscreen,Rearscreen,rearscreen chrome trim,Aerial & Vinyl dashboard surround, for a 1984 Ford Granada MKII 4 door saloon. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in...
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    What Do You Keep In Your Car?

    CD's, window cloths, Blood glucose tester & sweets/ cereal bar,bottle of drinking water,1st aid box & bit of change for them ' oh! damn it went over by a penny ',dashboard/cockpit wipes,atlas in case satnav fails :amazed: & in the boot coat, & breakdown kit,( & de-icer in winter ). Chris...
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    New panoramic windscreens

    I have electric sunroof ( come to think of it every thing electric :amuse: ), & AC on my Granny, which is a bit mad when you consider she's 24 yr old :blink: Sometimes think I need a power station as well as a petrol tanker to accompany it. LOL Chris.. :blink1:
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    Project Car

    Mine is my ' Granada', but I have been thinking of getting another ' old or classic ', to do once granny is finished. already got a MkII Golf & Jensen Interceptor, sat in the sidelines awaiting decision ( & funds of course :toung: ), but ' her at home ' wants a mkIV, MkV Cortina Crusader...
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    Setting up your mirrors.

    Erm! :confused:, trust me , mine seem to be the opposite, rear view closer. :blink: Chris.. :blink1:
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    Car Maintenance

    I clean car/s every week weather permitting, inside & out, polish & wax every 3-4 months. water, oil etc checked every month & fixed were needed, otherwise changed once a yr. Tyres checked weekly. Chris.. :blink1:
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    Medical problems and licence revocation

    Nice one Hdi fun,good to hear you overcame it m8. I had actually forgot ' clinical depression ', off my list oops!:embarrest:. The part what shocked me, is I know a few peeps with illnesses same or similar to mine & they had licence revoked, or reduced a lot lower than mine 1 & 3 yrs. I think it...
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    Setting up your mirrors.

    I prefer to see a bit of rear wings for reference & have blind spot mirrors on both wing mirrors, & use a panoramic rear view mirror. I think I cover main blind spots with these, but always check over right shoulder before pulling away. Chris.. :blink1:
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    Do you believe the adverts on performance parts

    I would check the worlds biggest library 1st, probably car forums! :toung: Chris.. :blink1:
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    Medical problems and licence revocation

    Don't kid yourself ;) if there's one thing I have learned from the past 2 yrs is it can happen to anyone,anytime!! Leading up to my heart attack I led a pretty healthy life, diet & exercise,I was doing an active outside job ( Countryside Ranger ) 37k p.a. so it wasn't money stress! I got up that...
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    Whats the naughtiest thing you've seen a police car do.

    Getting back from the hospital last night about 3:30 am, an unmarked was driving around our estate with zero lights on, I only saw them as they pulled alongside as I was about to reverse into drive! :mad: I'm sure if I had no lights on they would have had plenty to say :?: Chris.. :blink1:
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    The 4 best looking european cars?

    TVR Cerbera, :blink: Jensen Interceptor, Countach, Aston Martin Lagonda. Can I please choose 5, :toung: Bugatti Veyron :blink: :rolleyes: Chris.. :blink1:
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    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    Mine would have to be: Celica, Prelude, Mazda Montrose ( one of my 1st restores ;) ), Skyline. Chris.. :blink1: