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    I need some info

    Ok I don't have a diesel but I am thinking of a change due to running costs of my Golf. Now I don't know much about diesels and so what are the advantages and what are the downsides. I use a car for commuting so a lot of my driving is around town with the occasional trip up to the North east...
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    Chatting to strangers about their cars

    If I see something I think is cool I will comment to the owner most people just say thanks and leave it at that. The most receptive are older enthusiasts with a classic job, still it's all about pride in your car.
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    Least manly Car.

    Ford Ka in my opinion
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    Driving too close

    I hate tailgaters I have spent a lot of time practicing the 2 second gap so I can do it at all times but the number of people who cut back in on you AAArrrrrggggggggghhhhhh it drives me mad maybe a bit paranoid having been hit in the a**e 3 times in the last 12 months. Funny enough this seems...
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    Golf Mk lll Fuel consumption

    Well guys and gals as you can see from my sig I run a Mk lll 1.8 GL and I reckon I'm getting about 32 to the gallon which to me is really scary cos it means she drinking me out of house and home and will have to go if I can't improve things. Right a bit of background, I drive for ecomomy as...
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    Thinking vs facts when it comes to driving skill.

    I'm OK when I'm concentrating but when I'm not I can be a bit ropey. Suppose we all can Itry to learn a bit more everyday.
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    What is the biggest vehicle you've ever driven.

    The big Merc sprinter with a green house in it (in bits) was the biggest. The biggest I'd like to drive regularly Hmmm not sure really probably a Landy
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    Have you named your car

    Cars are always female like ships! Yes I have named mine, one morning shortly after I bought her I got in and said "Morning Baby" so she became Baby Boo Ok I'm crazy
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    Do you talk to your car

    Why not talk to your car? Surely they are an extension of your personality in a way BTW does anyone have names for their cars? Who'll own up first?
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    How many cars do you own

    2 My Golf Mk lll The Boss's Jazz 1.4 ES
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    If you had a bigger garage

    If I had a garage I could hide in it
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    Man Honkers

    As HDi says banned on anything after '73 Hmmm where's that '72 Beetle I used to have :lol::lol:
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    Man Honkers

    Used to love the air horns banned now of course. The Golf is Ok the Honda bit girlie
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    Aggressive cars & drivers

    So true !!!!
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    Will the UK January VAT rise affect your plans

    Petrol will definately hurt directly.but what about all the indirect stuff goods transported by road fuel cost up therefore goods price up hence less food for same money Put that way we are all stuffed