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    Been busy

    The S2 is in need of a few basics before any mods but will be changing the front headlights to the ellipsoid type as the standards are not very good. The front indicators will be swapped to clear as well. Work that will need doing replace clutch slave cylinder (supplied) full service replace...
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    Been busy

    good to be back!, no lights are up on the dash Waynne, VCDS scan shows bank 1 with 2 intermittent faults, EGT and cat efficiency below threshold, sounds like the ECU could be cutting fuel from bank 1 due to a dodgy EGT reading?, I got a friend on the case who's a bit of a guru with Audi V8's, I...
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    The silly HP race

    I would say that with small engines ( 1.0 litre) the goal should be 100bhp, 60 mpg and 0-60 in under 10 seconds?, I have so much fun in my daughter's Citroen C1 (67bhp) because i'm using all of those 67 horses all the time, when I drive my RS6 (530bhp) it's no fun knowing you can beat almost...
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    Been busy

    Been busy for the last few months but there have been a few changes, The daily driver (RS6) is back on the road after a shed load of work, it's still down on power but think one of the EGT sensors is holding it back. it's an intermittant fault so could be anything from the sensor faulty to...
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    Best car you've owned

    Escort RS 2000 Mk2, Just couldn't afford to insure it during the premium revisions 20 odd years ago
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    Spotting Hypermilers

    I spent a while commuting to London from home 3 times a week and changed the 2.0L Vectra to a 406 Hdi diesel to save fuel. I then decided to see how much I could get out of a full tank of diesel and best I managed was 1017miles before I chickened out!, I tried all the methods to save fuel...
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    Xenon, Argon, Tungsten and HID bulbs comparison

    I'm doing it as a promotion for his company, he also has a new Mini with the same thing in the lenses
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    Xenon, Argon, Tungsten and HID bulbs comparison

    how strange, not been on for a few days and I am having my front headlights upgraded to quad projectors, 2 with the logo etched into the lens.
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    The fleet, Although the A4 has now been sold

    Today's dyno after replacing the alternator. Power is down from what I expected but seems to be running lean, will have to contact the original mapper and ask a few questions
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    The fleet, Although the A4 has now been sold

    The RS6 has the 4.2 litre V8 twin turbo
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    The fleet, Although the A4 has now been sold

    Thanks and yes but I see it every day as it's only 3 doors down the road
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    Adding NoS nitrous oxide to boost power gains.

    It's ok I no longer own the car
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    Your next mod for your car

    RS will be getting a change of coolant to Evans water less, double front headlight projector upgrade and fog light hid upgrade Audi 80 cabriolet will be having 40 mm lowering springs, replacement speed line alloys with new tires, 2nd hand power flow exhaust with twin round tips, new front screen...
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    The car you have always regreted selling .

    I was once the proud owner of and Escort RS 2000 mk2, I't still out there as I remember the reg, (are we allowed to post a reg number?) it's SORN'd according to the dvla and probably in a lock up somewhere....but the other day I went to house to buy an exhaust for my Audi 80 cabby and the guy...
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    Adding NoS nitrous oxide to boost power gains.

    I didn't know that, educated every day

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