Im 46 but never grew up!, married with 2 teenagers!, nuff said

Cars, Gym, movies, going out,
UK, Nottingham
RS6 c5
Current Cars Mods.
Audi type 85 coupe, classic show car, standard
Audi 80 Cabriolet, 2.3, Lowered, Speed line alloys, power flow exhaust, great stereo!
MeV Rocket, build in progress, 2.0L Zetec
RS6 Avant (C5), V8 Bi Turbo, MtM Stage1.5 more mods to come
Been into tinkering with cars since my first escort mk2!, I guess im too old to be crawling about under cars these days so I let my mate look after things
2nd Car
Citroen C1 Vtr
offshore technician and Class 1 Hgv driver


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