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    snapon 40" toolbox

    i am selling my snapon toolbox as i no longer work as a mechanic and it is taking up space at home, it has been well looked after since i bought it new for nearly £3000 and got regularly cleaned when i was using it. im after £1500 for it but will consider reasonable offers. thanks for looking.
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    fiat punto 1.2

    Make: Fiat Model: Punto Engine size: 1.2 Year: 2002 Description: I recently bought this car from my girlfriends mum as an MOT failure so that I could put it on the road and drive this untill I finished my pug build, unfortunately my money has run out and I am forced to sell this before I have...
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    hey people

    Next on the list is to fabricate my own dash and centre console unit. That may take a while. Does anyone know where I could get a sliding guage Speedo from? And if so how easy are they to fit?
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    Mates cars

    my girlfriends dad mas a nice TVR griffith 3000 that im regularly blagging rides in especially since he done all his engine mods and fitted a decat exhaust system with cherry bombs out the back, it sounds nice, drives nice and looks even better. but the i have always been a fan of the classics...
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    Servicing my car

    Whenever I do my service I just pop round to CPA (car parts & accessories) and give them my reg number and say what level service I'm doing nor get the whole package for bout £30
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    Modifying your car? Please think carefully about what you're doing

    This is certainly an eye opening post. I got lucky with my car as I brought it off a mate with only a few Mods and I got him to drive it to the garage I work at to have it checked before I bought it. And every mod I do I get the MOT guy at work to certify it as safe.
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    hey people

    Hey I'm new on here and just thought is get a few pointers on my 106 XL. I've currently got a 60mm drop on it and a twin exhaust coming out the centre of th bumper and have started to smooth the body work. Inside I'm planning my own take on a rally spec and have stripped out the back seats and...
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    Pug 106 wont idle when cold

    I've had this same problem with my 106 recently when it was low on fuel and cold. When left at idle the revs where up n down like a yo-yo and if I put the throttle down fully nd released it would just stall out. It turns out tht it was just the bad fuel that had been in the tank a while and...