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    Negative camber

    It can improve cornering though it can lessen your straight-line braking. Had a set of nexen tires for occasional track use. The wear was on the outside edge of the tyre so I added negative camber to improve cornering response and stability.
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    Best upgrades and refreshes for 306 1.4 2000

    Here's a good article about tuning your 306--
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    Best racing/car games

    My personal favorite is ProjectCars but I also like the Forza series.
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    Welcome! Post a pic of your car when you can.
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    I would stay with stock size and just choose a well-known brand like michelin, falken tires and bfg. If you want to improve acceleration of your car, consider getting lighter wheels.
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    2017 Dacia Sandero

    I'm not familiar with that performance chip. If you bought one, take a dyno test to see if there's really a power improvement.
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    Yaris SR 1.4 Sr

    I heard that adding a Jetex performance air filter can help improve the performance.
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    Is long life oil really long life

    Just follow the recommended oil change interval and always choose the right oil spec, your engine will be fine.
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    Interior Wrapping

    It takes a lot of patience. You can start with small parts. This will make you more comfortable.
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    Which colors for my brake disc calipers?

    So what color did you choose? I think the yellow or orange color will nicely highlight that area.
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    Hi guys! I'm new here . Hello everyone

    Welcome aboard! What are the mods you did already on your car?
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    Aside from performance mods, adding a big brake kit can help your car to stop sufficiently.
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    '06 CRV

    I would start upgrading the suspension to improve ride quality.
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    ICE upgrade on the Scooby

    Cool upgrade. I'm planning to replace my head unit with a touchscreen.
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    Has anyone used fabric and vinyl spray paint dye

    Using a spray dye will give a nice result but it will not last long. There are also spray paints for carpet. The only con is that it is stiff.