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    Do spacers improve handling

    I am running spacers on another car since it has aftermarket hd wheels that have a different offset. No issues whatsoever. I don't track this car.
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    Hyundai Elantra help newbie

    I know there's still no turbo kit available for the 2.0.
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    What is the best Saab Engine?

    I would choose T5 because it is easier to tune and the parts are cheaper.
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    New to Volkswagen

    ECU remap is a nice option.
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    e32 welded diff

    A true LSD is a better upgrade.
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    Rav4 2001 2.0L AWD - Increase Fuel Economy

    Doing some hypermiling techniques can help improve fuel economy.
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    Hi there my e36 318I lost power

    That's weird. Diesel nozzles are bigger in diameter so they won't fit into a petrol filler.
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    The worst tyre you have driven on.

    Toyo Tire Proxes TPT were the worst tyres I've owned. Poor in dry and wet pavement. Poor steering response. I replaced them with ContiSportContact2. Bought them from 4wheelonline. These tyres have awesome grip. Quiet and predictable in all conditions.
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    Negative camber

    It can improve cornering though it can lessen your straight-line braking. Had a set of nexen tires for occasional track use. The wear was on the outside edge of the tyre so I added negative camber to improve cornering response and stability.
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    Best upgrades and refreshes for 306 1.4 2000

    Here's a good article about tuning your 306--
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    finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

    I envy you for having a stunning car!
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    Best racing/car games

    My personal favorite is ProjectCars but I also like the Forza series.
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    Welcome! Post a pic of your car when you can.
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    I would stay with stock size and just choose a well-known brand like michelin, falken tires and bfg. If you want to improve acceleration of your car, consider getting lighter wheels.
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    2017 Dacia Sandero

    I'm not familiar with that performance chip. If you bought one, take a dyno test to see if there's really a power improvement.