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    Sylva Jester - chassis number

    I've bought an early Sylva Jester and need to find the chassis number but can't seem to find it anywhere - does anyone have any pointers as to where it might be, please.
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    sylva jester

    thank you steve will do will post some photos when i get back from hols
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    sylva jester

    hi just bought a part finished sylva jester but no build manual any one help thanks
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    respraying your wheels

    hi i remember reading somewhere when you are prepairing and painting your wheels it said take off the tyres to spray the wheels naa if its any help to anyone this is what i have done for years all you need is a tyre bead breaker can be picked up cheaply take wheel off let all the air out...
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    coil spring compressor

    thanks to all have know got it sorted :lol:
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    My Raffo Belva

    hi yes its great fun to drive corners like a kart 2lt engine good for 150 ish there are are only 8 or 9 made before production stopped although someone has bought the rights to go back into production but when who knows cheers bob
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    My Raffo Belva

    My pride and joy (although the wife calls it the yellow banana!!!!)
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    coil over spring copressor

    ok thank you i shall make sure the wife is.nt around when i take off the spring( but on second thoughts ) bob
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    coil over spring copressor

    hi thankyou for that the bottom seat screws up and down i think this is what you mean but i am going with making my own :sad2: as said by p garner thanks again bob
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    coil over spring copressor

    hi thankyou for that but have some of these already these are the ones i cant get to fit thankyou again bob
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    coil over spring copressor

    hi me again wanting. can anyone point me in the right direction i cant seem to find a spring compressor for the shocks on my tiger all the run of the mill ones i cannot get the jaws in between the springs :( thank you
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    wanted tyres

    hi lee thank you for letting me know glad youare sorted did;nt notice the date you posted by the time i wrote to you you would have been running on slicks bob
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    wanted tyres

    hi have you managed to get your tyres yet i think i may have a set of 4 in the shed at the bottom of the garden i will look tomorrow unless i hear otherwise bob
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    update on the tiger cub trying to hang onto it as well as the belva but running out of excuses to tell the wife would like to put it back on the road for summer the belva being mid engine does get very hot so i have to take out the side windows to get some air then have to put them back when i...
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    rear discs

    any one help looking for a pair of rear disc brake caliper sliders for a sierra thanks

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