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    ford Rodeo 2.5tdi

    Help, I am refitting the cylinder head and require the tightening need torque and any rotation of the bolts. For both the main head bolts and the outer ones:confused:
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    New on the Block

    Hi Guys, I am a new member who is currently working in France, but normally based in Glasgow UK. My interests lie in old motorbikes( mainly Nortons) and in home build cars. I have scratch builty three 2CV specials all three wheelers and as the design developed there was a definite improvement...
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    paint spraying...Flies

    Hi, a new member and I have just painted a Bond Bug...Signal Orange RAL looks great...however ther are a few blemishes caused by fine dust and Flies.:mad: What is the best way to blend out the marks and what next a good polish and plenty of elbow grease:) regards Bill D