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    HUGE K&N Air Filter

    How much are u looking for the filter cheers gord
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    HUGE K&N Air Filter

    hi do u still have the air filter cheers gord
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    d turbo centre section ?

    It is all dependent on the mot tester i asked the very same question to the friend who does my mot and the man from the garage he say nonononoonono lol
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    hks ssq dump valve

    hi could u tell me the size of the fitting where it attaches too the pipe so i can get one made or brought cheers gord
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    Oil breather pipe question

    Ive got a 1997 peugeot 1.9td and i wanting to remove the breather pipe which goes from just below the oil filler tube into a round shaped piece and finishes by going into the air intake by the bulk head. 1st can i remove the pipe and just fit a breather filter on both ends. 2nd Can i just block...
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    Pug and BMW parts for sale. eolys fluid, strutbrace... etc

    how much for the sump off the pug dt cheers
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    hks ssq dump valve

    would u consider a swap for a brand new Black Maxx 1000 watt amp if it dosent sell on ebay cheers gord
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    parts for a 1997 1.9 td pug phase 2 xud engine

    Hi all im after the following bonnet,grill,hockey stick clips,passenger side front window switch, sump and the bolts to attach it and the pipe which fits underneath the top mount intercooler and runs down the back of the engine and i think connects to the sump but not 100% sure. Many thanks...
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    peugeot 306 catalytic converter

    In NZ they have to take there cars for a warrenty of fitness (mot) i think every 2 years
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    Boost gauge fitting

    hi just need to ask one thing what size is the t-piece needed to tee into the middle pipe on the intercooler cheers all gord
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    manifold/downpipe price too good to be true hmmmmmmm

    Just seen another stainless steal manifold on ebay for £109.99 brand new. Been looking at full exhaust systems and cat back systems both with a high flow cat and thought i may as well get the entire system done but my car sits between two years 1996/1997 so the exhaust options are limited unless...
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    Air intake swap info needed

    two options really up for one that is made for your car or 2.Buy a performance panel filter. Normally u have to remove the air box and associated pipe work as the after market filter kits come with pipe work normally to relocate the filter into a direct flow of cold air and has all the...
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    New to Civic Tuning

    Ive always started with the breathing of the car full exhaust system and a performance panel filter should release some extra pony's for u. It's all going to be dependant on how much money u have and what u want to spend on the car.:)
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    manifold/downpipe price too good to be true hmmmmmmm

    Hi im looking at the different possibilities of what i can do with the exhaust system on my accord and wondered if anyone has used the stainless steel manifold & downpipe from Japspeed as the price seems to be better than everyone else's at £189.00 its sounding like a bargain:confused: