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    Do you like big wheels

    on 370z's and g37 i like big chrome wheels but everything else it really depends if it had big wheels it still has to sit low and around the wheels like on the 370z but for the most part ide say 16-17 matte
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    audi 80 engine suggestions

    thanks for the suggestions it is a 5speed manual and it is actually the 5cyl i was mistaken the reason i dont want to do a swap is that i am in high school and play 3 sports so i dont have to much time i can only work weekends so a swap dosnt seem to feasible till summer but durring summer i may...
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    audi 80 engine suggestions

    would i need more back pressure if i did exhaust out the front quarter?
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    audi 80 engine suggestions

    i just bought a 1990 2l 4 door audi 80 for $200 i am looking to make it a tuning/track car and had a few questions. first what do you recommend to ad horse power with out breaking the bank? maybe a swap for a straight 6? would the engine be able to handle a intercooled twin turbo set up? any...
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    audi 80 suggestions

    hey i just bought a 1990 audi 80 4 door 2l for $200 it runs but needs a starter. i am looking for some suggestions on paint scheme and rims. for paint i was thinking straight black or maroon or something like this i...