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    Modifying your car? Please think carefully about what you're doing

    Re: Modifying your car ? Please think carefully about what your doing good advice,if you are going to do it do it right,dont cut corners
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    My 406 coupe

    this is my coupe ,few more bits to do,i know its not to everyones taste,:D more pics to follow
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    thought about selling the otherday ,then washed and cleaned the old girl and just cant part with her, (will be at ten soon) car was performance french car mag a couple of times with the coupe club
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    Whats in your boot

    show plates, jump lead ,hivis jacket and some spanners:blink:
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    thanks for the hellos ,started with a body kit, lowered, 17"inch wolfrace spider wheels,induction kit,HIDS,daytime running lights,got a few more things planned just waiting for some money in the bank
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    hello another newbie here, had myself a modded 406 coupe for a few years now,so will be hanging around and getting a few ideas:D