cars , x box ~ killing zombies , socalising , drinking
whippingham uk
corsa envoy 1.0
Current Cars Mods.
did have moded corsa merrit 1.2 1995
custom purple / blue ( my little baby )
removed as much as i can now in the heap in the sky :(

new project :)
corsa envoy 1.0 2000 star silver 2
done list .
debaged .
custom chrome handbrake .
chrome gear nob .
wolfrace alloys .
kit fitted (nearly)
pioner 6 by 9s .
spoiler .
fly sub (still to fit) .
sony sterio .
strait through racing exhaust fitted
( poss needs more work though)
new driverside window fitted as old one had scuffs

to do :
spray kit
( wish to go for a custom job maby star silver 2 and deep mettalic purple in a design im on low buget though with no spray experiance or equiptment :(

finish fiting kit
( once sprayed as will have to tigerseal skirts on)

stop wheels rubing
( maby new alloys in custom mettalic purple )

vinals to match color scheam

re weld / fix exhaust
( had to cut it to get it on not impressed)

prep and tint out back windows limo black 5% .

maby respray spoiler as its black gloss at mo .

in car ( footwell , boot ) undercar neons either purple or red depends what spray job i go for .

re upholster roof in car purple or black maby silk or sued ,

get the bloody cig lighter working

re spray interior as is in a lovely peeling black gloss
at mo ( either red, black or purple ,colour scheem dependant )

wish list
custom spray job metallic purple with star silver 2 design
realy want bucket seats to match colour scheam .
alloy flooring
always been intrested in it
mum of 2 , avon , but i want to do machanics and b




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