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    Number of driving tests you took

    passed on my 3rd attempt
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    front bumper respray/repair

    il be more chuffed when i get the new grill put in, i am impressed with how good it looks makes the whole car look much cleaner
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    front bumper respray/repair

    finally back from the repair shop as good as new
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    Ready for winter

    my car goes off the road over winter i just take the battery out and start it once or twice a month with a short drive. my van has just had an oil change and anti freeze top up
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    what do you park next to

    i always park away from other cars but no matter how empty the car park when i come back somebody has parked next to me why do people do this? i have taken up 2 spaces and will carry on doing so if i feel it will protect my car
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    Does oil affect performance

    they did a test on 5th gear with a R32 golf im sure they did a rolling road before and after oil change and it improved ever so slighly
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    front bumper respray/repair

    i have only just realised how bad the stone chips are i will also be replacing the grill as well
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    front bumper respray/repair

    i asked a few mobile smart repair people and they said it needs a proper body shop so its now in there and not seeing my car for over a week is killing me as i want to drive it before i take it off the road at the end of the end. as you can see its in pretty poor condition and previous...
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    Happy with your interior?

    I reasonably am i have good seats nice steering wheel but would love a double din stereo to fill the gap a single one does not fill
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    What will you buy next

    i would love an rs4 or even a megane sport 265 but not going to happen as i cant afford it
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    Your scariest moment in a car

    on my way to manchester airport in the mrs rover 25 doing 70mph it started to over heat before i could pull over bang white smoke covered both lanes of the a50 when i finally pulled over the engine would not turn off the pistons came through the block. we just managed to get to the airport...
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    prelude owners

    I didnt look at where he lives. Im sure if they could help they could something out most companies ship abroad just a thought??
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    prelude owners

    you should contact tgm motorsport they are down south tdi north in warrington these are the 2 main companies that people with dc5s use honda specialists
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    prelude owners

    mugen exhaust gruppe m for intake
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    front bumper respray/repair

    cheers il start looking for a good mobile one then will get pictures of before and after

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