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    heloo and welcome :)
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    Are air tools worth getting

    air tools are usufull bu not nesesary and i think it is too expencive and have no need for home use... u just dont need them they are used in garages and mechanic shops... i have a whole bunch of air tools and a big compresor but thats beacouse we have mechanic shop and use them countless times...
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    skyline bodykit

    For me,the gtr kit is by far the best..dont like any wide or big kits...that gtr kit,rims and a spoiler is all a skyline needs to be perfect :)
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    Street racing

    haha glad there som1 else from my region :) yeah u right but we cant change what hapend :)) maybe think about opening smaler,private tracks, that could evolve into smt bigger :D thats what i will do if il be able sometime in my life :) what about u there? do u have any tracks? i got a very good...
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    In 10 and 20 years time

    expectations - 10 years- nismo r 34 gtr 20 years- nismo r 34 gtr realisticly- 10 years - nissan skyline r 34 gt or gts 20- gotta be gtr or ill kill myself :(
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    Street racing

    haha its good when u have tracks...but in my country there si no single 1 track!!!! if u want to race u gotta do it on public roads...and police are not too woried about it couse sometimes we gather and start the race,police come and just says guyz dont make a lot of noise no drift or...
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    bmw m5 world record

    thats fast! but not soo much of a suprise,they did it with m6,jsut litle extra hp and thats it :)
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    hello from turkiye :)

    heloo and wolcome to the site :)
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    Best colour for a GTR

    Blue or gray :)) withot any stripes or anythink...for r 34 and for r 35 its deffo mate black :))) it just look stuning...
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    325tds starting probs when warm

    thanks for the tip :) i had similar problems with my golf and it was main fuel injector not working properly... and coused some other problems like flow-meter not working properly...all solved with new injector :)
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    Arrogant sexist mechanics

    haha this thread is just born for my country axaxa :) here it is 100 percent going to hapen anywhere u take your car! xaxa there are very few exeptions... the most radical one was my friends mk4 golf it was a bit shaky on low rpms and she took it to a official dealers in wolkswagen,and they made...
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    need more performance

    xaxa belive me one think-ull never find that fast simple solution if ure not totaly in tuning and know a lot about engines :) even if u knew it all u need a lot of work hours and right tools to make significant power gains... ofc u can allways pay som1 else to do it... but it aint cheep :) and...
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    need more performance

    i think that 500 hp is way to much compared for stock 170 :D ud need to change every single think on your car,in order to make it reliable,safe or even drivable :) engine swap is not a bad idea considering that bmw engines are allready preaty tuned,and are not easy to work with,especialy if u...
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    i want to modified my car

    hello mate and welcome to the site :D are u new to car tuning world? if u are youl see its not all that easy,if u have no knolage youl have to pay for every think u need to do and that is expensive... i would not recomend u to do a turbo upgrate,couse its much more complicated than people...
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    Rate your driving ability

    i belive that u cant talk about driving skills in every day driving...everybody will think they are abouve or average,beacouse nobody will make exident for no reason,its just a moment of lost of atention and it happens in split second,u cant really judge som1 for that...but we can speek about...