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    hi and welcome:) which vitara have you got? friend used to have a little p reg vitara, was very cute and alot of fun off road
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    hey and welcome to TC why not go for the 2.6 gsi engine i have had a few vectras (B range): supertouring, 2.2 sri, gsi estate and gsi saloon, lovely cars and have been debating getting another one soon enjoy the site :):)
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    should an older car be kept original?

    I love old cars that are kept original but also love old jap cars that have had a bit of work done to them. for me it would depend on the car and how old it is (awkward aint i lol ;))
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    Preference: trucks or cars???

    I think i prefer cars :) even though i have a truck at the minute, Truck is a 3ltr v6 so it moves when i want it to move ;) needed something with alot of space which is why i got it, however i do have k reg mr2 which is curently off the road till summer (or i decide to sell for something...
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    females "wrenching" on their own cars??

    I think to obtain a licence everyone (male or female) should know/be tested on basic mechanic skills, there is no excuse for a woman not to beable to change a tyre..... imagine how much quicker recovery services would be if they werent getting called out every 5 mins just because a woman didnt...
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    hi to all

    Hi and welcome to TC would be nice to see some pics when you get your post count over 10 :)
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    new job offer

    Well done :):):)
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    Loggin in on Xmas Day - Explain yourself :-)

    im bored lol been up since half 5 everyone else still asleep :( so merry christmas lol :)
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    Merry xmas to you all

    Merry Christmas to you and everyone :)
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    Wheel valve caps getting nicked

    NO COMMENT lol ;);););)
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    Most annoying thing other drivers do

    Gets right on my last nerve when people dont indicate at/off roundabouts and i end up sitting there for what seems like hours. Dont get me started on supermarket drivers at this time of year!!!!!!!! people have gone crazy and dont care who they run over to get a space!
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    Jaguar crazy

    HI and welcome to TC Hope to see some pics soon :)
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    Latest bad styling trends

    i think it's displayed as 'chrome chav/bling isle' look for where you see alot of hoodies/caps bobbing about and you will find it ;)
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    Petrol prices still at 109.9p

    Ours has just gone down to 103.9 (petrol) 105.9 (diesel) :)
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    Wheel valve caps getting nicked

    I've kinda got a few lying about lol so i should be ok for a while ;)