was a boy racer who grew up lol, i'm now a family man who drives a mondeo the 206 needs transformin

cars and family days out with my wife to be and my baby boy and my little princess
england colne lancashire
pug 206 1.1
Current Cars Mods.
ok here it is, i have a pug 206 1.1 it was my first legal car and my baby lol. its currently off road as i've had many cars since passin my test 4 year ago, my plans for the 1.1 is to transform it into a track car and i was wondering what would be the best way for maximum power. cheers sam
well i used to love rallyin my cars over the backroads, used to get a rush from it and i loved the speed. which went onto wantin to tinker with them makin them the best how eva i could, my 1.1 is modded to death now its time to turn it into my real dream car and strip it out and tune it to the peak of its ability's.


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