Does Coffee help you stay alert whilst driving?

"The effects of caffeine and coffee on drivers."

How to stay alert whilst driving. One of the biggest causes of accidents is driver fatigue.

Driving whilst tired can actually be worse than driving over the legal alcohol limit. If you are feeling tired then you shouldn't really be driving.

If you've not slept very well then you really shouldn't be driving at all.

But sometimes you've just had a long day and start to feel tired on your long journey.

Take a break!

A 15-20 minute power nap should recharge your batteries a little. Any longer than this and the body goes into a deeper sleep and it takes longer to wake up and maintain alertness.

Things that make drivers tired include

Strong coffee and caffeine can help keep you alert.
  • Boredom and lack of stimulation
  • Lack of sleep or rest
  • Lack of fresh air
  • Medical issues Medication including some antihistamines

If you have to drive and you are tired, then TAKE A BREAK. There really is no substitute for sleep when you need it.

The following tips are intended to help a driver combat minor fatigue.


Stop and drink coffee, a hit of caffeine does wonders to keep you alert. It dilates your blood vessels and causes the heart to pump more.

A good strong black coffee extracted from a light roast and finely ground bean is recommended by the Coffee Revolution to maximize your caffeine hit!

Energy drinks that contain Caffeine or Guarana also stimulate blood circulation and stave off tiredness.

Beware of taking too much caffeine as it can have a negative effect by making you nervous and anxious.

This affects people differently but studies have shown that too much Caffeine can be detrimental to concentration and motor skills.

It can also raise blood pressure and cause the heart rate to race.

Open the window or turn down the air conditioning, warm stale air promotes lethargy so keeping the air cool and fresh will pep you up.

Exercise, get that blood rushing around the body, a good burst of high energy movement will help you to keep alert. So get out of the car and jump around or dance a bit and this will have a beneficial effect on your concentration and alertness.

Music - Listening to loud upbeat music will also keep you sharp and alert, but be careful not to get too engrossed in your music.

So how do you stay alert an sharp whilst driving, please let us know and leave your comments below or join us in our forum to discuss this and many other driving topics with our friendly members.

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