Make: Model:
Standard Bhp from makers figures for an unmodified car: bhp

Full Sports Exhaust This is intended to show that to get the maximum benefit from 1 item you must add other items. IE the turbo is useless unless you add a sports exhaust.

(It is not practical in the real world to add all of the items
but we allow it in this simulation and you will see that it is easier to buy a faster car than upgrade yours!)

Fast Road Cams
Injectors and fuelling upgrades
Turbo Charger (or bigger turbo)
High flow sports Cat (not decat)
Air induction kit
Remap/Piggyback ECU
Sport flowed head
Bottom end engine work
NOS (nitrous oxide)
Go faster stripes and fluffy dice!!!

Approximate power after modifications have been added. bhp

The only way to tell for sure is to get your car tested on a rolling road.