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Vauxhall Astra tuning.

"Truly ASTRAnomical power"

The Vauxhall Astra was introduced way back in 1979 known across europe as the Kadette. Today it has become very popular car as it is cheap to run with many parts available. Vauxhall provided a wide range of engine options from a base engine of 1200cc up to a lively 2.0 turbo engine.

The original mark 1 was much smaller than the modern astra, being similar in size to the current Corsa. The 1.3 engines were lively and cheap to insure but the SR and GTE was the model of choice.

The Mark 2 model in 1984 saw a complete restyle which was rafidical. Rear visibility has been criticised but overall was a good package and the 2.0 GTE still outperforms many modern cars.

The Mark 3 and 4 models looked very similar as vauxhall decided that they shouldn't change a winning formula. The hot hatch of choice was now badged SRi and GSi where in 1995 the suspension recived attention from Lotus.

Vauxhall Astra tuning tips, a great little car and base for a tuning project.

Sadly there isno easy way to increase the performance of the 1.4 and smaller engine sizes (the hi torque version was built for economy and will feel very underpowered so you would certainly want to change the intake,cams and exhaust on that model). A lot can be done to enhance the handling of the Astra although the GTE and SRi models have very good suspension as standard. We would recommend lowering the Astra (no more than 35 millimetres) and fitting fully adjustable springs and dampers.

Engine swaps are always popular with torquecars members and Vauxhall engine seem to be very interchangeable. And Engine swap seems to be the most cost effective way of increasing the power with drivers looking to the higher powered Astra models for suitable donors. TorqueCars have a MK1 owner who has sucessfully fitted a v6 engine and the new 2 litre Turbo.

The SRI, GTE and GSi models are undoubtedly the hot hatch performers of choice and this would benefit from an induction kits, for sports exhaust, FSE fuel pressure boost valve and fast road cams. Pleasejoin our forum to discuss tuning options and ideas with R other torquecars members who have Astras and browse our tuning articles around the site.

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  1. Kamal says:

    Good encouragement to start a tuning project

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