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"Uber Cool Car stickers"

Uber Cool - TorqueCars window stickers:

Due to popular demand we have printed some window stickers so we can all recognise other TorqueCars members on the road. It also helps to promote the site. Stickers measure approx 7"x2" and affix to the inside of windows.

Torquecars membership remains FREE and donations will help to cover our hosting charges.

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Amount you wish to donate for each sticker £
(Something between 40p and £30.00*)
NB: A £0.25p P&P fee will be charged to cover shipping & transaction costs.
Shipping address: (Please enter your full address including postcode)

The Payee will show as Entrypoint - Pay Pal.
Payments are securely processed by Pay Pal. *With your generous donation you will have a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you have contributed to help us keep this site running.

 We have had overwhelming demand so far for these Cool stickers and our stocks are almost depleted already. A big thank you to everyone so far for your generous donations we really couldn't keep this site running if it wasn't for you and we are determined never to charge a membership fee.


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