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Tuning the Honda Accord

"Fast cars ACCORDing to Honda"


Tuning the Honda accord can make for a fun and interesting project.

The Honda Accord was first launched in 1976.

Later models saw a Honda / Rover collaboration which ended in 1993 when the Rover 600 was launched.

There were a number of different engine choices ranging from the a 1.8 which produce 115 BHP to the desirable 2.2 V VTEC and 2.3.

On paper the 2.3 would appear to be the engine to choose but in reality the 2.2 VTEC with its high revving characteristics is the best model to go for by far.

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The model range was revised in 1998 and a Type R model was introduced using the 2.2 litre VTEC engine. For car of its size it was sprightly and could reach 60 mph in a little over 7 seconds. The 3 litre V6 engine also offers plenty of scope to the tuner which produces 200 brake horsepower in its standard form. The 1998 models are all noted for their impeccable motorway manners and superb road holding ability thanks to the superb chassis and suspension design.

The modern Accord Type R is considered by many to be the best front drive car available.

In 2003 the range was father revised but for some reason the UK had a choice of just two engines the 2 l and 2.4 litre. The JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) had the Type R version which still today is regarded by many to be the best front wheel drive car currently available. This makes the JDM Honda accord 2003 on a popular choice with importers.

Although the Accord is aimed at the executive luxury market there is a good selection of aftermarket parts for those wishing to tune up their Honda Accord. The Type R models have very good standard mechanicals and it is a challenge to upgrade the air intake or exhaust system for better performing ones.

All other models in the range will benefit from a good quality stainless steel sports exhaust, sports cat and cold air induction kit. Gas flowing the head is also recommended (again the Type R models are a already well machined and optimized).

Rather than fitting a turbo, many people choose to fit a supercharger to get large power gains. For best results the compression ratio should be lowered. Careful attention must also be paid to the Fuelling and you will need uprated injectors and fuel pump.

All Honda Accord models will benefit from uprated suspension and wider wheels. Please join our forum to discuss with other Accord owners and see which modifications they have done to their cars. And browse the tuning advice in our tuning section.

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