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v6 veccy overheating helppp please..

Discussion in 'Vectra' started by mad4vauxhall, 13 June 2010.

  1. mad4vauxhall

    mad4vauxhall New member

    england nr pompey
    v6 2.5 vectra sri
    hi all

    my 2.5 v6 has started to overheat. (makes it to the red) Ive taken the hoses off and flushed the rad, then filled it up with my hand on one end to c how much water it holds, about 3 pints it looked like when i let my hand go. ive flushed the heater matrix, was a bit brown the water.

    When driving it goes up steady to 91 deg, then the fans start to cut in, however the temp still rises, it gets to 106 ish deg then the fans start sounding as if theres a jet under the bonnet,(gone to a faster speed) but when car idling the temp stays or rises. If i boot the throttle the temp drops slightly.

    I was worried so i removed the stat, but it still does the same. i took of the water pump and inspected it but it was fine. Ive flushed the engine through now twice, seeing odd brown deposits in the expansion bottle.
    There is no cream deposits on the dip stick nor oil cap. i did a sniffer test and it came up clean so the head gasket is ok.

    What could be causing it to overheat? could some of the rad veins be blocked? would the oil cooler cause it to over heat like this?
    Any advise would be greatly appreciated cheers.

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