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Plans for your current car

Discussion in 'General car Chat' started by obi_waynne, 23 November 2009.

  1. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Deal, Kent UK
    A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
    What are your plans for your current car? How much will you be spending on it and how long are you planning to keep it?
  2. BAD63R

    BAD63R Authorised Trader

    MG TF135
    Hehe, i like it waynne. Is it me or does this topic appear each time i get a new car lmao.

    Well, as some of you have seen my new motor you already know whats on it so far. Well the next mods are:-

    17" wheels
    Lowered 40mm
    New back box to style with the car.

    In about 2-3 months:-

    Kent Cams
    Gas flowed inlet (inlet manifold, middle inlet devider and lower inlet devider)
    Enlarged throttle body
    and custom made inlet piping to stop the collapse of the pathetic OE item.

    Then as soon as money can buy it:-

    Courtenay CS15 Heads (15% larger heads)
    Low compression pistons
    Balanced crank
    Either supercharger or a Turbo from a 3.0 V6 Saab Turbo (same engine as mine as vauxhall allowed Saab to use the 2.5 and 3.0 but saab just bolted a turbo on :):):) )
    And finished with another remap.

    If all this is done is will be about a further £3000-4000 and should reach at least 320bhp on the supercharger or 300bhp on the turbo and thast without changing the pistons either. If it's all done properly so the boost can be wound up, then should be an easy 350bhp+ when all done.
  3. stamford

    stamford Pro Tuner

    MG ZS200
    The MG ZS:
    • Interior to be stripped out leaving dashboard, x2 bucket seats and harnesses.
    • Remove airbags.
    • Fit lightweight steering wheel.
    • Remove all excess weight.
    • Replace side glass with polycarbonate.
    • Coilovers.
    • Big brake kit.
    • Braided hoses.
    • Braces all round.
    • Adjustable arms.
    • Swirl pot.
    • Second set of wheels with R888's.
    • Remove aircon system.
    • Remove heater system.
    • Fit lightweight heater/plenum.
    • Piper cams and pullies.
    • Second remap to include cams and high octane fuel.
    • Side steps.
    • Rear step.
    • Soft 'A' bar and spots.
    • Tweak the engine and a remap.
    • Snorkel perhaps.
  4. dpsubaru

    dpsubaru The Torque Meister

    Scotland / Vietnam
    Subaru WRX Turbo 04
    None. Next plan is to get either an STi (saloon, not a damn hatchback) or an Evo FQ360. No decision made yet, just started looking.
  5. nig

    nig Torque Junkie

    rover 200 1.4si ish
    The list is to long and for ever changing but now want her around 30inch's high.
  6. turbonutter69

    turbonutter69 TC ModFather Moderator

    Alone in the dark.
    Insignia SRI.
    Nothing for the Focus and just a general tidy up of my Cab.
  7. MasterAuron

    MasterAuron Very Senior Member

    379bhp 359lbft
    Mk1 Focus RS
    Prepping, welding, cleaning up more prepping welding and cleaning up and even more prepping welding and cleaning up on the Reaper.

    Oh and I've just bought another Punto GT as a runabout. S reg two owners from new, very clean for its age and standard apart from a DV and filter. Rusty front wing is the only thing that lets it down but I'm picking another one up next week. I won't be going mad on it but project thread to come!
  8. Hansi

    Hansi Track Warrior

    Bifröst, Iceland
    Getz GLS 1.6
    probably won't do much for the car I'm driving now except maby upgrading the sound system

    planning on getting a new car in the next months. A small 4x4 preferebly a Lada Niva that I will make a nice offroader out of. Put it on 33-38 inch tires, upgrade sound system, get rid of rust and repaint, upgrade engine, GPS, VHF, NMT, probably a tetra communication system and a top rack for the extra lights.
  9. Country Bumpkin

    Country Bumpkin Track Warrior

    GTO T.T.
    Very soon we'll be fitting the stand alone ECU, changing up from the piggy back unit. When the time is right it will be going into the paintshop for a full re-spray. It will remain red, it's just choosing the right red which is taking the time.
    Lots more planned, wheels, interior re-trim, it all takes time and most importantly, money which in all honesty could be spent on something far more important or needy. Sod it, it goes on the car as usual.:lol::lol:

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