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Peugeot 206gti (138bhp)

Discussion in '205/206/207/208 forums' started by PugD, 21 April 2013.

  1. PugD

    PugD Wrench Pro

    East Midlands-UK
    Peugeot 206 2.0 Gti

    I don't know about you guys but don't you think the 2.0litre engine is rather gutless?

    I mean just think of all the other 2.0ltrs and even below and how much more power they have.

    Also, has anyone got any problems with the abs light keep coming off and on?
  2. Mobrem

    Mobrem Wrench Pro

    Cambridge, UK
    BMW 318is
    the manifold on your GTi is very restrictive... change it and you'll release quite a few healthy ponies and the difference might just make you change your opinion of it... The engine in your little Pug is actually a secret powerhouse if you want it to be so personally I wouldn't call it gutless. Not sure about the ABS light so sorry I can't help on that one!
  3. davalav

    davalav Moderator

    Essex, England
    Mini Cooper S R56
    The 138hp version of the gti engine is a very resricted and de tuned version of the gti 180 engine.
  4. tecco

    tecco Wrench Pro

    Danmark Horsens
    Peugeot 206 GTI
    Alittle late, but here is some easy pointers for a better performing 206 GTI.:)
    1. Original backbox is redicilous restrictive, swapping to a sports exhaust can give you a very good boost in hp.
    2. The engineer who designed the Intake system on the 206 GTI must have been high, alot of bends and verry narrow and long exit tubing makes it worth swapping out. An cold air induction kit can give you some improvement taken that you have already put on anew better flowing backbox. As an alternative you can do as me if you want it to look original in the engine compartment, i sawed off the bottom of the filter box, and fitted a bigger tube that get cold air, from inside the bumper where the fog lights are placed.
    3. A cheap 300Euro sport 4-1 exhaust manifold will help some aswell, but you will propably loose some low rpm performance.
    4. Get a good tuning company to update your engine control box, for me it gave 10 hp alone and a much smoother engine feel.

    The 4 steps above is the only things done to my 206 GTI (year 2000) and it improved performance to 159.5bhp and 211nm

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