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Discussion in 'General car Chat' started by Jag, 24 May 2017.

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    Hi Guy's. I have just been invited back to this site after a lengthy absence. The current projects I am working on are all interesting if you are into older cars.
    No.1 I am building and engine and gearbox for a 220'S Mercedes known as a roundie. It's a 2 door 1959 220'S and the purpose of the vehicle is to run in the Paris to Peking rally. This will take it through some of the toughest roads any where in the world. Places like Mongolia where there are no roads just goat tracks at best. The engine is a 280 Mercedes engine which is being very modified not just for out right power but torque a well. The engine has to be strong and reliable as well as fuel efficient. I big call for a heavy old lump of cast iron. Every thing in and around the engine will be modified and lightened considerably. The gear box will be also Mercedes 280 but only a 4 speed. The vehicle will not be hitting the real high speeds of other rallies. The gearbox will cop a hiding on the roads. The old 4 speeds are fairly tough old things and with a bit of good preparation should handle it OK.
    No. 2 project is yet another Merc and no I am not a specialist on Mercedes. The car is a 190SL. Again an engine and gearbox rebuild along with a diff and the entire suspension. This will be a mechanical restoration. Bring the vehicle back into the state it should be in. The vehicle is worth all the attention now the value of the cars has improved.
    No.3 is my favorite. It is a Austin Heally 3000 MkII. This is a major engine upgrade to improve it's performance and reliability. Also improve it's poor fuel consumption. There is also a gear box to be rebuilt and improved on. Upgrade the synchro's for quicker shifting. This vehicle will be used for some minor tarmac rallying. It has had some serious suspension work to improve the handling as well. The owner wants all the work and mods to be done without altering the appearance of any part. Thankfully he has aloud the new exhaust to be fitted including custom extractors I am making for it. This should be a great car to drive when I have finished. Looking forward to the test runs.
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    A warm welcome back. Nice to hear from you.

    Please post up plenty of pics and start some project threads. You have some interesting cars to play with there.

    I'm particularly interested in the healey 3000. Dies it have wire wheels?

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